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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Morel Mushrooms conclusion

This is part two of the story, so if you didn't read part one, scroll down one story.

 Ok... where did I leave off? I believe I had gotten to the part where we were opening our mouths to take in childhood memories of eating these tasty morsels.... and you won't believe what happened next.

As we were chewing our first bite, we both looked at each other... not with the 'glee' we thought we'd feel, but with a bit of disgust was more like it. They were gritty... sandy... then the sad realization that the taste we remember so well wasn't there! They were absolutely tasteless! We both could have put up with eating a bit of dirt to get to that flavor we were anticipating... but nothing... no flavor what so ever.

You may wonder how we washed them so I've got to tell you, we placed them in a clear plastic bag and swished them around... we emptied the bag and rinsed once again. I've done a bit of research on Morels and they say you're not to rinse them for long because they'll take on too much water and run the risk of becoming soggy. 

So what's up with this?? We started analyzing the situation and wondered if the taste of the Morel is only good at the time of harvesting.  All sorts of information out there says you can dry them, but if drying takes away the flavor, then what good are they? I can't tell you how disappointed we both were with the whole deal!

So if any readers out there have heard anything about any of this let us know! We're not giving up and already planning a trip up north next year to forage for our own.


  1. Don't wait till next year, they are just starting in Southern Illinois. Picked 300 Wed and 100 yesterday. State Parks and National Forests are free and easy to hunt.....come on up. Yes, they were sooooo good pan fried for supper last night :-) BTW, we dry the ones that aren't perfect and have them in stew, spaghetti sauce and they make great flavorful brown gravy....there is more taste in the dried ones.

  2. Send me a pound of Morel and I'll send you a pound of fresh blueberries! LOL Wish I was there!