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Saturday, April 23, 2011


You're invited to attend Osceola County's 2nd Annual Farm to Fork Dinner! Osceola County Grown is a grassroots organization forming to help support our local farmers; helping them to bring healthy food to your dinner table, to your hospitals, to your schools and to your restaurants. The Farm to Fork Dinner is a fundraiser to help us establish our foundation, enabling us to help develop the marketplace, the education, and the formula for success to our local farmers.

Not all that long ago, Osceola County was overflowing with farmers, ranchers and gardeners which slowly dwindled down to just a handful... due to corporate business taking our commodities and 'churning' them out at a much lower price. Sure, it's been great having lower prices for food, but what have we given up in the meantime?

Research is now catching up to the real cost of saving money and we're finding out that our poor health is the number one factor of releasing our food production to corporations. With drug use in our cattle and poultry to GMO crops, and unhealthy environments of farm raised fish, we're seeing the effects come to light in the form of obesity and disease carrying bacterias in our foods.

Secondly, by giving up the 'traditional' farm, we've sacrificed jobs which has hurt our economy. Millions upon millions of dollars never enter into the local economy because we have handed it over to large corporations.  What were we thinking?

OC Grown is here to take back the rights of farming and bring it back to where it belongs... in the hands of the people. I for one don't want to buy diseased, drug laden beef or contaminated produce. Do you? I no longer want to pad the pockets of large corporations. Do you?

Our Farm to Fork Dinner showcases local farmers, local foods, local artisans and more and we would love to have your support. Go to for ticket information and details. There's limited seating, so we've set it up where you can buy your tickets online. It's going to be an elegant evening, dining under Oak trees, listening to beautiful music, conversing with like minded individuals all while watching the sun set in the distance.  You'll want to be there!

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