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Friday, June 10, 2011


Went into the supermarket the other day and needed some eggs. I usually buy my eggs straight from the farm in St. Cloud, but couldn't get out there that day. I don't know about you, but the egg bins in grocery stores are becoming very confusing... you've got the traditional corporate farmed egg, free range egg, vegetarian egg and then those who are marked with other statements that make you scratch your head.

Just for the record, a TRUE organic egg, comes from a TRUE organic chicken. What's a TRUE organic chicken? Well, I'll give you a hint, so far I've not found ONE in any of the typical grocery stores.  Let me share with you what I found... I have found an organization that's the watchdog when it comes to keeping businesses from straying away from the true definition of Organic and you can find them here: is a great place to find the list of those companies that are TRUE organic chicken farms and I would definitely check their scorecard to pick the right eggs.  Amazingly, Florida only has Whole Foods that  locally sells them. PNS farms in South Florida is on the list, but it doesn't say if they are available in Central Florida. HOWEVER, I just found VITAL FARMS in Whole Foods in Orlando and I checked them out and found they raise TRUE organic chickens that are pasture raised. PASTURE RAISED is the key phrase to look for when trying to find a TRUE organic egg. You can see for yourself at . They're located in Texas and I believe you'll see why I would choose them when shopping in Whole Foods.  

Now the term ORGANIC implies more than just pasture raised... but in my research, pasture raised is as key phrase to look for when investigating chicken farms. These are chickens that live free on the land, not cooped up in barns, living on top of one another and who never seethe light of day. They roam freely about on the land, eating from the land as their main source of food. There's a whole list of items that TRUE ORGANIC egg farms adhere to and you can find all the information you need on

FLORIDA NEEDS CHICKEN FARMERS! As someone who has a vital part in the organization, Osceola County Grown, I'm interested in learning how many people have an interest in raising chickens and becoming a part of the growing number who want locally grown food. Based on what I can learn from our readers interest, I'll be going forward to learn what we can do to make this a reality for those who live in Osceola County, FL. GOT CHICKEN? 

Let's put our heads together to see how we can put Osceola County on the map as being the #1 producer of foods!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Online and saving money!

I learned something today... that shopping online, in some instances, can save you a ton of money. I had to find a usb converter cable and a 25' ethernet cable. Online, I found them at a substantially lower price than at the actual store. The converter online was $4.88 and in the store it was $19.99. The ethernet cable was $4.99 and in the store the cheapest was $20!

So the lesson learned is that this particular store stocks the more expensive items while they keep the less expensive items in some type of warehouse for those of us who don't need something right now. This store happens to be a huge discount marketplace.

Today, shopping in a store leads to buying on demand or by impulse and you'll end up paying huge amounts of money for what used to be called... shopping!

Next time you need something, check the internet first. This particular store offers FREE shipping as long as it's sent to the store for you to pick up. This is my first time ordering this way, so let's see how it goes. I'll update the story as it unfolds.

Note: I have noticed that the prices online fluctuate... the usb converter for example now has the price of $9.88 and just this morning it was $4.88! Now that's frustrating! Wonder what it will be in the morning? They are using products like commodities... now you know why I dislike corporate big dogs so much!

Friday, May 6, 2011

People of... Harmony, Florida

I'm putting together a magazine, like I did for Bay Hill in Orlando, about the people who make our communities strong. This issue is about the People of Harmony. Don't know where Harmony is? It's 8 miles east of St. Cloud right on 192 - Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway. If you've never been, take an afternoon and drive out there. Literally it takes less than 10 minutes to get there from St. Cloud.

It's noted for it's courage to step up to the plate for conservation living. From low lights, to using certain types of mulch around the homes, it's showing itself to be a model for green living. It's located, in what some believe, in the middle of nowhere... but in reality it's in the middle of everything! And with the new sports arena coming to the area, it's bound to become a hub all on it's own.

Advertising opportunities for this ONE time magazine are still available, so if you want to help the residents of Harmony and of Osceola County and S. Orlando, send me an email. This magazine is going to be an awesome reflection of the cool people who have picked Harmony to call home!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Got Healthy Food?

I was in Celebration today, walking the streets, meeting store owners, handing out notices about our Farm to Fork Dinner and was pleasantly surprised! I didn't get kicked out of one store! (Hey, I'm usually there trying to sell advertising... so being booted to the curb is a pretty normal thing for me). What I found, in contrary to my normal "NO" was a genuine interest in learning more about Osceola County Grown's endeavors of bringing farming back to the table so to speak.

I got into some pretty intense discussions about what's going on in our country... and in our state and I see that people are FED UP with the status quo! Yipee! More and more people are turning away from the norm  wanting to go back to the basics and especially in the arena of our food supply.

Are you coming to the Farm to Fork Dinner? It's going to be a fabulous evening of fellowship, great home grown foods, entertainment and education. Go to for all the details!

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Once upon a time, little ole me was able to grow the most fantastic tomatoes in town... Beefsteak. One bite will convince anyone that you will NEVER buy another tomato from the grocery store again! Last weekend I went to the Winter Park Farmers Market and low and behold there they were... 3 gallon Beefsteaks. I thought I would faint because I haven't seen real Beefsteak in years! I've shopped in Home Depot, Lowes, and even local nursery's to no avail. So when I saw these beauties, I went to buy them but my cousin convinced me that we needed to wait until the end of our excursion before buying them. I agreed and of course, when we went back they were gone. grrrrr

Soooooo, I was not going to let that happen again. This morning off I went, bright and early to grab one and that's exactly what I did. They're a bit smaller, in one gallon containers, but already busting at the seams with tomatoes. Now, typically I'm into as organic as I can get, but I know what can happen to tomato plants in Florida, and I'm not about to loose this plant to the wicked little critters in my back yard. So yes, I hate to admit it, but I bought some Seven Dust to protect them. I figure it's worth a little poison to taste them again. I know... don't hold it against me! I'm only human!

Anyway... I'll be crossing the fingers, and staying up at night with a flashlight watching for critters I'm sure. Wish me luck!