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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Got Healthy Food?

I was in Celebration today, walking the streets, meeting store owners, handing out notices about our Farm to Fork Dinner and was pleasantly surprised! I didn't get kicked out of one store! (Hey, I'm usually there trying to sell advertising... so being booted to the curb is a pretty normal thing for me). What I found, in contrary to my normal "NO" was a genuine interest in learning more about Osceola County Grown's endeavors of bringing farming back to the table so to speak.

I got into some pretty intense discussions about what's going on in our country... and in our state and I see that people are FED UP with the status quo! Yipee! More and more people are turning away from the norm  wanting to go back to the basics and especially in the arena of our food supply.

Are you coming to the Farm to Fork Dinner? It's going to be a fabulous evening of fellowship, great home grown foods, entertainment and education. Go to for all the details!

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